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How to capture Owin logs in Azure Websites

Here are the steps to capture Owin Logs from your Azure Website:

1. Go the Azure Portal and go to your App Service and then open the KUDU console as shown below:

2. You can also open the KUDU console of your website by navigating to the SCM site directly, for example http://* (replace * with your website name)

3. Once you are inside the KUDU console, go to Debug Console and then CMD as shown below:

4. Once you are inside the CMD go to the site folder and then wwwroot folder, as shown below:

5. Once you are within the wwwroot folder, locate the web.config file and click the pencil icon to edit the file:

6. Within the web.config file add the following section and save the web.config file:


    <trace autoflush=”true”/>


      <source name=”Microsoft.Owin”>


          <add name=”KatanaListener”/>





      <add name=”KatanaListener” 



traceOutputOptions=”ProcessId, DateTime”/>



      <add name=”Microsoft.Owin” value=”Verbose”/>



7. Once you have saved the web.config file, restart the website from the Azure Portal:

8. Once everything is done, you will be able to see the OWIN Logs in the KUDU console in the following folder d:\home\logfiles\katana.trace.log.

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